Although bookkeeping doesn't contribute directly to profits it is a necessary evil which every business owner must face in managing their business. There are several good reasons for employing the services of a bookkeeper.


Features and Benefits


  1. Comply with the legal requirement to have financial affairs in order
    1. The Law is satisfied Avoid penalties & fines
    2. Ensure that your financial records are kept up to date at all times
  2. Up to date high quality books giving you an accurate financial picture
    1. See patterns & trends emerging
    2. Up to date reporting
    3. True reflection of current situation
    4. Current Debtors & Creditors
    5. How much is your business owed
    6. How much does your business owe
    7. Avoid late payment fees, penalties & fines
    8. Reduce accountancy costs
    9. Accurate costings
  3. Produce up to date financial reports and statements as and when required
    1. Informed decision making both business and financial
    2. Accurate information for financial institutions
    3. Accurate information for credit applications
    4. Reduce accountancy costs
  4. Corresponding paperwork is filed for easy reference
    1. Easy to find when and if required
    2. Reduce audit costs
  5. A Bookkeeper is a professional
    1. Saves you time & money
    2. Allows you to devote time to your core business
    3. Reduces your stress levels